The production plant covers more than 25.000 square/meters with a production capacity
over 9.000 tons/year
and more than 1.000 compounds formulations


SOGO S.p.A. is a consolidated industrial reality, leader in Europe, focused on the design, production and distribution of technical rubber, plastic and antivibration components mainly for the automotive, industrial and railway applications, and on the production and trade of compounds. With over 50 years experience in this field, we provide world-class clients in all areas of expertise. The technical and commercial activity is aimed at the whole European and extra-European market through a specific-country sales network with the aim to guarantee our clients the greatest reliability and the best service. Our business is highly appreciated and our peculiarity is to produce customized and co-designed articles, supporting the client from the beginning of the project to the manufacture, with a finished product that is perfect concerning the quality and in compliance with the original application requirements.

From 1996 to present, SOGO has more than tripled the turnover in the automotive sector and significantly increased its turnover towards the foreign market, stabilizing collaborations with major manufacturers such as FCA, Bentley, Daimler, Volkswagen, etc. In the railway sector, SOGO is a direct producer of customers of primary importance in the management and construction of high-speed railway lines, underground and overground lines such as: German, Italian, French, Moroccan, Portuguese, Belgian railways. Furthermore, in recent months it has obtained approval from Russian railways to enhance future supplies. The company, still today, continues to focus on a business model totally Made in Italy, based on the continuous improvement of the company organization, on product and process innovation and on the diversification of markets / customers.



Luca Melgrati


Antonietta Rossi


Lorenzo Agosti


Massimo Pupella


Agostino De Marchis


Katia Olivieri


Angelo Baldassarra



  • Continuous training for our employees
  • Close attention to quality and efficiency
  • Co-design
  • Rapidity and flexibility
  • Great attention to the well-being of all collaborators
  • Increasing investment in Research & Development
  • Development of new compounds and support for client
  • Consistent expansion of technical-productive equipment
  • Environmental Protection


Our strength – over the years – has been the strategy to include, within the SOGO structures and within the production chain, work staff belonging to non-profit social cooperatives engaged in social work and voluntary work, with the aim of combining the entrepreneurial activity with due attention to the social context where SOGO has always been present. Unlike many competitors, SOGO has always maintained 100% of its production in Italy.

The ability of our company to respond promptly to changes in the market is the result of an effective organization of work and a constant commitment that has its roots in the endowment of a totally Italian know-how. For over 50 years we have been using direct and indirect resources from the area of Frosinone. This has allowed the creation of an important relationship and a “social and cultural” link between our company and the territory, as well as constant and unceasing attention to the protection of the territory and the environment.




since 1967...

A continuous beating of machinery that resonates in unison, the heat that is combined with the smell of the mixture during production. Many workers who work continuously in the preparation of the raw material and the molding of finished products. With their gray protective gloves, soiled by the black rubber, they stop only a thousandth of a second to scrutinize. Nothing can stop here. The concentration must be maximum. Accuracy and attention must not be disturbed … except by the noise of the presses. Here is the secret to making magic happen once again. That same magic that every day, for over 50 years, has occurred in the SOGO production plants. From the simplicity of the raw material the finished rubber articles are magically born, ready to be sent to the Quality Control laboratory. All the workers are expertly well coordinated by their team leader. A gentleman of about 62, with a deep, warm, welcoming look … just like the smell you can breathe here. For more than 40 years Mr. Ceccarelli has been working at SOGO S.p.A. He waits for us in his post, with that typical composure of who is master of his job. A master worker who – through a beaming smile – reveals all his expertise. He loves this work and teaches it to young people. His is a precious legacy to be handed down and kept in the years that will follow …

Mr. Ceccarelli, how did your adventure start at SOGO?
They called me from the employment office. There were four of us, and they told us: “You have to go to the SOGO offices and have an interview with Mrs. Antonucci”. It was Friday if I remember correctly … oh yes because I thought: “Just on Friday … I wonder if it will bring good or it will hurt!”. It went very well! The following Monday I began my adventure. After a 15-day trial period I was assigned to the printing department. After a couple of years I became responsible for the night shift.

So you played a responsible role very early, didn’t you?
Oh yeah! Immediately after three years from my arrival. The night shift was not there and so this role was assigned to us, guys. It was really important for me to do this, because I really felt that the company was giving me confidence and I did my best not to disappoint anyone. After a short time, for a couple of years I worked the drawn for “us” … let me pass the term “us”, because SOGO for me is a family, there is no “me” and “them”, but “us”.

In those years, what did SOGO represent for you?
I immediately decided to stay here because mine was an experience, how to say, very “curious”. I was immediately fascinated by this world … the fact of rubber, which magically turns into a finished product under our eyes. Even today I am still amazed to see the finished product. It is a magic that repeats itself every time!

And today?
When I arrived here I was very young, I was only 24 years old. I grew up with the company. It’s part of me. This work has allowed me to reach important goals. I had the opportunity to teach this profession to many young people. I try to make everyone understand that if a company still exists after 50 years, it is because we have always been engaged in a continuous and constant way. They must do the same.

still today

A long corridor illuminated by light coming from the large windows overlooking the courtyard in front of the SOGO production departments. Everything seems in perfect harmony. A composed, ordered silence, but in reality, is only apparent silence. An incessant activity of cataloging, accounting, secretariat proceeds unstoppable … We find ourselves in the offices of the administrative area. Here too it seems to breathe the smell of rubber; that smell of rubber that in SOGO has a precise meaning: experience, growth, sharing.
This is where we meet the very young Natasha, a 22-year-old intern. She greets us with enthusiasm and with an immense smile that denotes all the emotional charge and strength of her age. So much is the desire to tell her experience … that opportunity that she perfectly knows how precious it can be for her own future.
Today, after only seven months, she has become a great little professional, but she knows that she still has much to learn. She loves breathing that rubber smell and venturing between the various departments. She enjoys admiring the incessant job of the workers struggling with the molds and the processing of the compounds. In her big green eyes, we read a bit of pride and admiration towards a company that gave her the most important thing that a young woman, like her, can have today: the hope of a future …

Natasha, how did you get here in SOGO?
Before arriving here, I attended several educational institutions. I was very indecisive about which studies to undertake. Then I decided to enroll in Accounting. At first it was a bit difficult, but over time I realized it was the right way. This perception was strengthened when this opportunity arrived. When I arrived I was very worried … I was afraid I would not make it. Instead, thanks to the support of my colleagues, with whom a great feeling was established right away, I managed to give my best. Today I can say with extreme certainty that what is learned on school desks is nothing compared to professional practice.

Which tasks do you perform here?
My standard day here in the company is a bit special, because in reality every day sounds like a discovery. There is always something new to learn. Mainly I work in administration, but I am excited to cover other tasks, such as: answering the phone, sorting mail,e- mail, fax …

Do you like this job?
Yes, I like it very much. I’ve been working here for seven months, almost eight, and I’m very satisfied with my professional path. I feel less insecure and more open in human relationships. The relationship with colleagues then is wonderful. I feel very well. Here mutual respect and sharing is the basis of everything.

As an intern, what did you feel when you learned that you would have continued your work experience beyond the terms?
It was really exciting because initially I did not expect the renewal of the contract. Usually, at the end of “garanzia giovani”, many young people are not reconfirmed in other company settings. Here, however, I felt the desire to build together a path, the desire to believe in young people and give them a chance … an opportunity that I would never have expected.